Congratulations!!  You have taken your first step in taking a class,
whether it is professionally or just for fun! 

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 A:  Well it’s time to dance your way into fun and fitness! Dance is an exciting alternative to the traditional exercise routine. Dance can burn over 60 calories for every 10 minutes you are getting your groove on. So if you hate the Stair Master or if you would rather do your taxes than lift weights, check out our sensational variety of dance classes. Whatever your experience or ability, come join us to experience the invigorating effects of dance. Even if you think you have two left feet, our highly qualified staff will replace one of them with a good right foot … in no time at all you’ll be dancing like you’ve been doing it forever.

A:  Yes, we offer a variety of classes just for you! If you haven’t danced in a minute, we suggest that you begin taking one of our Explore or Beginner level classes. Once your mind and body become familiar with the movements and the terminology, you will be ready to jump into one of our intermediate classes. It’s never too late to start back and you will be surprised at how quickly you will remember!

 A:  We provide professional, quality training for the serious student looking for a career in dance. GDA has a history of excellence in providing well rounded professional dance training to thousands of dancers, many who have performed all over the country. We are proud to have an experienced, dedicated faculty, with high standards of professional excellence, encouraging and challenging talented students in all styles of dance

A:  No, you may not video or photograph any classes. Still cameras, videos and audio recorders are restricted at all times inside the studios.

 A:  Just check out our daily class schedule and decide which class you would like to take
 A:  Yes, we offer an online class reservation system. This gives you the option to sign in for your favorite class prior to arriving at the studio. You can also purchase class cards, and view your attendance and purchase history. To register, please visit our Class Schedule page
 A:  Yes, please remember you will still need to sign the attendance sheet at the front desk. When you arrive for class, please sign-in at our front desk before any class that you take. Remember, please print clearly on the sign-in sheet; we don’t want to disturb you while you are in class.

A:  Yes, you can register and sign-in for a class online; however, since our classes fill up quickly, we encourage you to sign-in online and reserve your space in class. To sign in for class, please visit our Class Schedule page.

A:  Many students wear dance or workout clothes that you can move comfortably in. Sneakers are appropriate for our hip hop and fitness classes. Jazz shoes are appropriate for jazz, ballet shoes for ballet and many of our students prefer to dance barefoot for our lyrical, contemporary and modern classes. For any of our stretch or yoga classes, we suggest that you do not wear any shoes.
 A:  Progression varies from student to student and really depends on the individual and how often you attend class. Dancing is a physical skill so it does take repetition to improve.
 A:  We also offer kids ballet, hip hop and jazz classes for age 5-12.  Visit out our kids information page.
 A:  Our hip hop and fitness classes typically have a 10-15 minute warm-up period, followed by choreography (a dance combination) and a cool down. The majority of our technical classes (jazz, ballet, modern, contemporary, lyrical) consist of a 30-minute warm-up. 15-20 minutes of progressions, (across the floor work) the remainder of the class is spent on choreography.
 A:  No, not by a long shot! You will also be surrounded by other beginning students; whom like yourself, have never danced before.
 A:  Just bring yourself, your friends, and the desire to learn and have fun. Most people come in comfortable work out wear. Regardless, it’s a dance class, so you should be comfortable! Sneakers are appropriate to wear in our hip hop or fitness classes, but make it difficult to turn or move your feet in our technical classes

A:  This is the number one concern for many people, and it’s totally valid! No, you will not look foolish, be embarrassed or feel out of place. You will be surrounded by other’s, like yourself, whom have never danced. It doesn’t matter if you feel you have no rhythm, grace or you feel too shy! Now is the time to learn! Explore and Beginner classes cater to beginners and make the learning process fun and simple. Dance will change your life!

A:  Remember; don’t give up after the first class or your first week! When you attend your first dance class, you have already won half the battle of learning to dance. You have made it this far; you are in class! Even if your first class or week doesn’t go quite how you expected, give yourself time and you will be surprised how quickly you get the hang of it. Remember, don’t be self-conscious and don’t panic, our instructors are here to help.
 A:  All of our classes are ongoing, so there’s no beginning or end. If you miss a class..don’t worry about it…just jump right back in the next class!
 A:  There is no set time limit as each individual is different. Remember, it doesn’t happen overnight, but yet, you’ll be dancing, better than you thought possible after your very first class!
 A:  First off, congratulations! You made the jump to the next level, and we both know it’s not easy. Studio C offers a wide variety of intermediate classes to choose from.
 A:  We offer a variety of advanced classes for students who excel; most are titled advanced or professional.
 A:  We encourage you to take classes from multiple instructors, the more the better. We’ve got the absolute best teachers at Studio C to choose from, so there’s never a bad choice.

A:  There are almost too many to mention! The following lists some important reasons why you should give it a try.

  • It will aid you in life: In way’s you can’t possibly imagine! You’ll become more productive at work, more focused, more fulfilled, and far more self-confident! You’ll carry yourself in an entirely different way.
  • It will give you an amazing workout: You will be using muscles you never thought you had! You will get in great shape, increase your coordination and flexibility and you will LOSE WEIGHT!
  • Connect with other people: At least 50% of the enjoyment of learning dance is having the opportunity to meet new friends and connect with other people and at the same time have a fun night out.
  • More fun than you have ever had: That’s quite a lofty benefit, but for many, they find that dancing is just the element that has been missing from their lives. If you join in and try your best without taking it too seriously you will have a great time!
  • Make it fun and let loose!  We suggest picking a dance style that appeals most to you, and then giving yourself at least a month to decide whether it’s really for you. Keep in mind that if it’s your first time dancing, it might take you a few classes to get in the groove. As they say, “Repetition is the mother of all skill.”

If you are worried about not being able to follow along with the rest of the class, remember you didn’t learn how to walk in one day. Standing behind someone who seems to know what they’re doing is a great trick. When taking a dance class for fitness, it’s all about having fun and getting a great workout! you master the moves, the real fun begins. Add your own style and “Dance like no one’s watching.”