The Summer Arts Camp

The Dream Project Summer Arts Camp, consist of an enriching environment for youth ages 5yrs-13yrs old, to learn, explore and enjoy the arts throughout our summer sessions. Each day campers come into our wonderful studio space and partake in 8 dance classes (Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop, Cheerleading, Mime, Twirling, African) & 6 Creative Arts classes (i.e. Photography, Acting, Let’s Make a Video, Fashion, Arts & Crafts, I Can DJ)Parents are expected to feed their child breakfast and provide their child’s lunch. Lunch boxes need to be insulated and labeled with your child’s name so that we can store them in their assigned cubby holes for each child. The Camp will provide a snack during their break. Studio C is a peanut free environment! Note: Within your childs classroom there will be one (1) teacher & two (2) teachers aids. 50 weekly enrollment cap, 25 children per age group equals a ratio of 10:1

At the end of each week, each camper will be able to showcase their work and all they have learned! To conclude the camp, there will also be a mini showcase with refreshments at the end of session 3. The camp is based on an open enrollment policy, which simply means you as the parent get to choose the week you would like for your child to participate (pending availability). Once you pay the one time non-refundable registration fee, each week thereafter you will only be required to pay the weekly fee for camp!

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