The Dream Project

Brotherhood Mentorship Program

STUDIO C is proud to present unique arts and dance programs for kids and teens ages 7yrs to 17yrs! With exceptionally talented instructors, we provide classes designed to build self-confidence, self-expression and motivation while working hard and having fun!​

​The programs are designed for children and teens ages 7 to 17.  STUDIO C facilitates THE DREAM PROJECT to provide children and teens the opportunity to participate in “The Brotherhood Mentorship Program, receive intensive training in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-­‐Hop, Praise Dance & Mime. Guided by trained and seasoned professionals; STUDIO C’s THE DREAM PROJECT focuses on preparing your child for life and a professional career in the performing arts as well as a high school and college career.

THE DREAM PROJECT will provide your child the discipline needed to capitalize on their talent and help build the self-esteem needed to succeed in the dance industry. We guarantee a positive and productive learning experience!


Studio C has also implemented “The Brotherhood Project” a mentorship program. The program has been designed to empower boys through discovery, discussion of history, culture, social problems and the political forces that surround us. The Brotherhood Project‘s primary goal is to create healthy and financially viable communities by providing educational and health beneficial programs to economically disadvantaged youth. Studio C recognizes the two prevailing issues that are negatively impacting our youth and young adults today more than ever, Bullying and Obesity. These two devastating unhealthy momentums in our current society both provide long-term emotional and physical damage with fatal results.

The boys in “The Brotherhood Project” participate in weekly sessions that build trusting relationships, teach them to be respectful and garner guidance for the many challenges they will face on their “journey” to becoming successful young men. Our boys will learn critical thinking and global awareness skills through leadership development, drug awareness, conflict resolution, political education, community service and other activities.

WHY? We believe that this program is critical to long-term development of our boys and their ability to navigate through the journey of life

WHAT? The boys of “The Brotherhood Project” will learn: Self-Awareness/Self-Control/Drug Awareness/Physical Fitness/Entrepreneurship/Employment Services/Internships/Workforce Development & Continuing Education Work Study

WHO? Boy’s 6th-12th   Grade